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How much money should I take with me on the tour?
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The amount of money you should take is very much dependent on your own trip and how much you like to eat, drink or the sort of souvenirs you like to buy. A budget could be £100 plus £75 per city per person as a “rule of thumb” to cover buying meals, souvenirs and incidentals while on the tour. If you’re not buying Roubles before travelling, US Dollars and Euros are the recommended currencies to take with you; and the notes should be clean and unmarked or you may have difficulty converting it. As hotels generally offer very poor rates, our guide will be able to assist you with exchanging money if you need it.

You can also safely get money n local currency using your credit or debit card from cash-points in all the major cities and often the rates are not so bad. It’s advisable to inform your bank/card-provider before you travel that you are due to be using your card abroad so they do not block these transactions.

On the train you will need a little local money for buying meals or snacks, however our guide will advise you of the expected amount during the orientation meeting.

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