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Are there disabled facilities?
Posted by Andrew Glenister, Last modified by Aleksandra Kasaeva on 24 March 2017 12:17 PM

On select trains travelling between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, such as the Sapsan, there are carriages designed to enable those with disabilities to enjoy rail travel; with wider corridors and toilet facilities as well as larger cabins.


There are several long-distance trains equipped with disabled cabins. Where these are available, the entrance to the carriage is equipped with a lift for the passenger(s), enabling those passengers with limited mobility to easily get on, and off, the train.

Wider than a standard cabin, cabins for passengers with disabilities are equipped with special auxiliary belts, allowing the passenger to move around the cabin more freely.

For blind and visually impaired passengers, all switches, power sockets, call buttons, etc. have brail instructions, and a special audio device is available. These devices make it easy to contact he provodnitsa in case of emergency.

Each disabled cabin is also equipped with its own bathroom facility, which is larger than standard facilities, to give room to those with limited mobility/wheelchairs. To further assist, handrails are provided. It installed additional handrails, and lighting and sound board for passengers who have trouble seeing or hearing.

Most stations have facilities for passengers with disabilities, including disabled toilets, and wheelchair ramps.

If you are concerned that you may be unable to travel, or if you need assistance on getting to the train station and boarding your train, please 
contact our travel experts for further advice.

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