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What is food like on Russian trains?
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On the long-distance passenger trains we use, there will be a restaurant car serving freshly cooked meals, salads, as well as snacks, drinks and cigarettes, etc. They are not open 24 hours, so do check the opening times which will be posted somewhere in the carriage. The food on each train varies, from very good to ordinary, and as with most Russian meals it is generally healthy.

You will find at the end of each carriage that there is a Samovar providing hot water for coffee, tea and hot drinks. You can also buy such drinks from the carriage attendant for 20 to 50 roubles, and before you set off our guide will help you to buy provisions for the train such as coffee, tea, noodles, bread, sausage, beer, bottled water … well you get the idea.

It is also possible to buy provisions and even home cooked meals from vendors at stations along the way, who either come onto the train or will be on the platform as you pull in.

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