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What will my money buy?
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In terms of how far your money will go, this very much depends on where you are and what you are doing. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the prices are generally higher than elsewhere in Russia. Also, you may also find that certain establishments charge different rates for foreigners, for example the Hermitage in St. Petersburg charges 100 Roubles for Russian citizens and 1,000 for foreigners.

However, in the real Russia, you can expect to pay the following:

  • A loaf of Bread — 25 Roubles
  • A trip on the Moscow metro — 55 Roubles
  • A bottle of beer — 50 Roubles
  • A bottle of Vodka — from 300 Roubles
  • A short Taxi Journey — 500 Roubles in Moscow or 200 Roubles in the regions
  • A cafe snack — from 500 Roubles in Moscow or 200 Roubles in the regions
  • A meal for two in a good Restaurant — 2,000 Roubles

Normally, all cash transactions are carried out in Roubles and prices will be marked as such. 

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