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Can I take my own food on-board?
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Yes, of course.


There are no facilities for storing fresh produce or cooking meals, so be sure to pack accordingly. A popular choice are instant soup and noodles that can be made using hot water from the Samovar in each carriage.


Taking your own food and sharing it with fellow travellers is a great way to meet new people and add to the experience of travelling on Russian trains.


It is particularly worth thinking about if you have any unusual dietary requirements as these are not always catered for in Russian cuisine. 

On many long-distance trains, you will find a restaurant car that will serve several freshly cooked local dishes, as well as hot and cold (soft and alcoholic) drinks. These restaurant cars are not open 24 hours a day so, upon boarding, you should check the opening times to ensure that you do not miss out. The prices vary depending on the train you have chosen, but everything is usually reasonably priced; usually around £10.

You may also find that a trolley of snacks and bottled drinks is wheeled through the train at regular intervals. These prices can vary from reasonable to high.

In each carriage, you will find a samovar of hot water that you will have unlimited access to. We recommend taking along tea, coffee and foods that can be eaten by just adding water (such as instant soup and noodles) to make the most of this. Tea and coffee may also be available from the provodonitsa/provodnik of your carriage for around 20 to 50 roubles.

If you are lucky enough to make friends with other travellers on-board, particularly Russian travellers, you may be invited to join them, and share their provisions (often home cooked bread or smoked meats) for dinner in their cabin.

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