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Is Russian rail travel safe?
Posted by Andrew Glenister, Last modified by on 19 August 2014 04:37 PM

Millions of people, both Russian locals and tourists, travel safely on Russian trains every year. In many ways, they are the safest trains to travel on. 

  •              Each carriage is looked after 24 hours a day by at least one or two attendants, known locally as provodnitsas.
  •              Each passenger must show their ticket upon entry,and present with it official identification document; for foreign visitors, this will usually be a passport. 
  •              At every stop trains are checked to ensure there is no damage.

With regards to remaining safe and secure, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has the following to say: 

  •              If you are travelling by overnight train in a sleeping compartment, store valuables in the container under the bed or seat. Don’t leave your sleeping compartment unoccupied as some compartments only have a simple lock on the sliding door. On some trains, there may be an additional security device, which can be attached to the fitted handle/lock unit. There may also be a steel switch at head-height on the door panel which, when pulled down, prevents the closed door from being slid open. 
  •              Don’t agree to look after the luggage of a fellow traveller or allow it to be stored in your compartment.
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