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What are the different types of Russian train?
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Russian trains usually fall into one of five categories, an overview for each of them is provided here. For further information, please visit our page on Russian Train Types.  

  • High-speed (скоростной)  The fastest trains on the Russian network; this includes trains such as the Sapsan between Moscowand Saint Petersburg, as well as Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, and the slightly slower Allegro running between Saint Petersburgand Helsinki. 
  • Firmeny (фирменный) – Running on the most popular routes, Firmeny trains offer the best services, facilities and staff of all Russian trains. They are long distance trains that reach their destination much quicker than other trains on the same route due to stopping at fewer stations. Firmeny trains are generally named, and have a low number, i.e. train 2, the Rossiya. 
  • Fast/Skory (скорый) – Long distance trains that are not quite the equal of the Firmeny trains. They generally take a little longer to arrive at their destination because they will stop at more stations along the route. Because of this they are usually somewhat cheaper. 
  • Passenger (пассажирский) – Passenger trains generally run on shorter routes than either Firmeny or Skory trains. They are a step down again from Skory trains, both in quality and speed (they tend to stop at all the stations along their route). These are the cheapest of all Russian trains. They can often be identified by their high number. 
  • Elektrichka– Otherwise known as local commuter trains, they run to and from the suburban areas of major cities. They are all seated and vary greatly in quality. 

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