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What are ‘gender specific’ cabins?
Posted by Andrew Glenister, Last modified by on 20 August 2014 09:41 AM

On the many trains travelling the Russian and Trans-Siberian rail network, it is possible to select to travel in a male, or female, only compartment. This may be of interest to lone female travellers who may feel awkward, or unsafe, sharing a room with men they do not know. 

You can only mark a compartment for single gender use during booking if it is currently empty. If there are any bookings at all this will not be possible. Once a compartment has been selected for single gender use it is not possible to change it back again. Please bear this in mind if you are travelling with, or potentially travelling with, a member of the opposite sex.  

We cannot guarantee that single gender compartments will be available. It will depend on availability. The earlier you book the more likely it is that you will be successful in creating a single gender compartment. 

Not all countries that have connections with the Russian rail network operate single gender compartments. So, if you travel outside of Russia in a single gender compartment, you may find that the compartment becomes open to all again once you have crossed the border. If you are worried that this may be the case, please contact our travel experts for further advice. 

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