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Are pets allowed on the Trans-Siberian Railway?
Posted by on 24 March 2017 10:49 AM
It is possible to transport pets on the Trans-Siberian, though there are certain restrictions.

A ticket must be bought that allows pets to accompany you. In the Real Russia rail booking system, these places are marked with this symbol – These tickets are only available in second and third class carriages.

Any pets taken with you must be small, such as small dogs, cats or birds. And all animals must be kept in a cage or pet carriers of some kind. These carriers must be able to fit in the spaces available for regular luggage. Pets such as large dogs, or carriers that do not fit in the luggage space provided, are not permitted to travel in the carriage with you on a ‘pets included’ ticket. They may be able to travel in the baggage car, though these tickets must be purchased at the station of departure.

An exception to these rules is made for guide dogs, who are allowed anywhere on-board free of charge.
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