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Evidence of financial support to get a UK visa and enter the UK
Posted by Alex Locker on 01 June 2021 08:00 AM

One of the documents required to apply for a UK visa is evidence of financial support. This can be provided either by an applicant or by a sponsor.

There is no exact amount of money UK Immigration authorities are looking for. They simply want to see that adequate funds are available to an applicant / sponsor and that the funds cover the expected expenses for the trip to the UK and return to Russia.

It might be a scam!

Russian nationals travelling from Russia to the UK are NOT required to show an exact amount of funds in their account or in cash, neither to the UK Immigration authorities nor to border control. If you are asked to transfer a significant amount of money and are being told that without this sum an applicant cannot get a visa or enter the UK, it is advisable to check this is not a scam before you take any further actions.

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