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Can I cancel train tickets I have already purchased and get a refund?
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Yes, it is possible to cancel booked train tickets and receive a refund.


There is a standard administration charge for of £10 for each ticket that you wish to cancel.


Refunds are calculated by the ticket issuer on a sliding scale that differs for domestic train tickets and international train tickets based on how much time there is before your date, and time, of departure; the earlier the cancellation is made, the higher the refund generally is. If you are taking an international journey the cancellation policies of each country en-route may differ but, as a rule, work on the same sliding scale principal.


If physical tickets have been issued for your journey, such as will be the case for international train tickets, then we must have these in our possession to issue a refund. If the tickets are already in your possession when you decide to cancel them, you must return them to our Moscow office at your own cost. Because we need the tickets in our possession to cancel them, the date that we receive your tickets is the date that we will use to calculate your total refund; not the date that you request your cancellation. The latest that your tickets should be received by our Moscow office is one working day before the date of departure.


If you have international paper tickets, and are already travelling within Russia it may be difficult to return the tickets to us. In this instance, you can go to the ticket counter in the closest station and cancel them there. In this instance, you will be given a cancellation receipt and your unused ticket, but no immediate refund. You will need to send this cancellation receipt, and your unused ticket, back to our Moscow office, at your own cost, and then we will be able to process the refund, minus our standard cancelation fee. Your cancellation must be made before the departure date and time on the ticket. You will then have up to four months from the date of cancellation in which to do this.


If you have made a booking by requesting E-Tickets and you have yet to collect your tickets at the booking office, or you have made your booking by requesting E-Registration, then we are able to cancel the tickets on receipt of your written request (by email, fax or letter); provided it is received during the working hours of our Moscow office before the date, and time, of departure. Any cancellation requests received outside of these times (including public/national holidays) will be acted upon as if they had been sent on the next working day; not the date that your request was sent.


If you chose E-Ticket when booking, and have already exchanged your voucher for a paper ticket, or you received a physical ticket for a domestic journey, you will need to visit the ticket office of the nearest train station to cancel your ticket. In this instance you will not be refunded immediately, rather the refunded amount (the value of which will depend on the time before departure) will be sent to us, and then we will process this and pass on to you (minus the standard cancellation fee). If you are in Moscow and feel that the language barrier may stop you from being able to cancel, feel free to pop into our Moscow office and our staff will be happy to help.


Please note:

  • Any postage costs incurred by yourself in receiving the tickets are non-refundable.
  • Where cancellation requests are received within eight hours of the time of departure, we cannot guarantee that any refund will be offered by the ticket issuer.


Please contact our travel experts for more information.

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