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What sort of money should I take to Russia?
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Although the Russian economy is rapidly modernising and credit cards are widely accepted, in many situations you will need cash. It can be difficult to obtain Roubles in the UK, so if this is the case you will have to buy them in Russia using a "hard currency".

Until recently, the US Dollar was the currency of choice to take and still is accepted everywhere, though in recent years the Euros also has become equally as well accepted.

British pounds and travellers cheques may be taken, but outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg you may find them difficult to change and even then the rates will not be so advantageous.

When you are leaving Russia you will find it easier to buy Dollars or Euros than British Pounds, and remember that unless you want some Roubles as a souvenir you will find it difficult to change them when you arrive back home.

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