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Mongolian travel and visas – the impact of coronavirus 2019-nCoV
Posted by Andrew Glenister on 04 February 2020 09:22 AM

The Embassy of Mongolia released the following information about travel to and from Mongolia due to the coronavirus 2019-nCov on 1st February 2020:

In connection to the World Health Organisation conclusion and advice and the decision by the Government of Mongolia, the below measures to be enforced from 1 February until 2 March 2020 in response to the novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak. Up to date, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, however, Mongolia is considered to be at high risk.

  • Entry of foreign nationals into Mongolia through all border crossings with China (air, railway, auto roads) will be restricted.
  • Mongolian nationals will be allowed entry into Mongolia through road crossings of Bulgan-Takashiken in Khovd province, Zamyn-Uud-Erlian in Dornogovi province, Bayankhoshuu-Uvdug in Dornod province from 1 February until 5 February 2020, and through Buyant-Ukhaa (Chinggis Khaan International Airport) airport and Zamyn-Uud railway port from 6 February until 2 March 2020.
  • Foreign nationals are allowed to travel from Mongolia to China through Buyant-Ukhaa airport (Chinggis Khaan International Airport) and Zamyn-Uud railway port.
  • Mongolian nationals are prohibited from travel to the People’s Republic of China until 2 March 2020.

Under these circumstances, the Embassy will be unavailable to provide express service for visas. Only standard service will be in place.

In addition, if you are planning to travel to China immediately before, or after, your visit to Mongolia, you will first need to have a Chinese visa granted.

If you have travelled to China since 1st January 2020, and have yet to apply for your Mongolian visa, you will not be granted a Mongolian visa in the next few weeks.

Please take this into account when applying for your Mongolian visa.

These temporary visa terms are likely to revert to normal on 2nd March, though we will advise you if the situation changes.

If you have any questions, contact our Visa Team for further information.

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