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The effect of coronavirus on travel bookings that include China
Posted by Andrew Glenister on 07 February 2020 11:00 AM

As the coronavirus continues to make news, many customers have asked what impact this will have on their up and coming travel arrangements.

Up to, and including 1st March 2020

Currently, the borders between Russia and China, and Mongolia and China, are closed to rail travel.

This will impact all travellers who have booked travel services including a train ticket between Russia and China or Mongolia and China.

If this includes you, our Travel Team will be in touch to work with you on alternative travel arrangements and itineraries.

From 2nd March 2020 onward

Currently, all borders are set to reopen from the 2nd March 2020. This means that travel between Russia and China, and Mongolia and China should no longer be affected, and all travel bookings will continue as expected. We will keep you updated on the situation as it evolves.

Travelling in Russia and Mongolia

There are currently no restrictions on travel to either Russia or Mongolia. Both countries have taken strong actions to limit the ability of the coronavirus to spread. There are currently no official government warnings advising against travel to these countries.

We encourage all travellers to make the most of what these two incredible countries have to offer.

FurtherĀ information

Russia travel advice from the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Mongolia travel advice from the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office

If you have any questions, or any concerns, about travelling to Russia or along the Trans-Siberian over the coming weeks and months, please get in touch with our team of dedicated Travel Specialists, who will be more than happy to help.

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