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Extension of document validity for foreign nationals in Russia [Update]
Posted by Andrew Glenister on 04 January 2021 11:39 AM

Update - 15th December 2020

Following the closure of borders and quarantine measures, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has taken measures to regulate the legal status of foreign nationals residing in Russia. A new order has been approved as of the 15th December 2020prolonging some of the measures until 15th June 2021.

Important: The grace period for Russian visas which have expired or will expire between 15th March 2020 - 15th June 2021 has been extended until 15th June 2021. However, for nationals or permanent residence holders of countries with which Russia had regular travel links on 15th December 2020, including the UK, the grace period has only been extended for 90 days, until the 14th March 2021.

Who is eligible? 

Foreign nationals whose stay in Russia falls between 15th March 15th June 2021 and whose documents expire during this period. 

Which documents are extended? 

Immigration cards, visas, registration, temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits and other documents that have expired or will expire between 15th March and 15th June 2021. This does not include work permits, patents, and authorisations to hire foreign nationals. 

What if my passport expires? 

Foreign nationals are allowed to leave Russia with an expired passport until 15th June 2021, assuming there is a Russian visa that has also expired. 

How long are the documents valid for? 

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if your visa validity period expires during the period between 15th March and 15th June 2021, it will be automatically extended free of charge for 276 days from the visa expiration date. There is no need to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to extend the validity period of these documents. 

Discrepancies between regions 

Despite these new guidelines, authorities in other cities may follow these guidelines differently. Thus, regional migration authorities may accept expired documents as valid only until 15th June 2021. As such it is advisable to contact the local authorities to confirm whether an extension is applicable to you or not. 

Local authorities are continuing to work and are open as usual. They will accept documents and provide advice subject to quarantine measures and restrictions imposed in your region. 


Please note that this information is subject to change, and therefore we recommend contacting your local authority for further clarification on whether this will apply to you. 


How can Real Russia help? 

Should you need to clarify your legal status or if you have any queries regarding the extension of your documents, we can help to find out and provide you with the contact details of the Russian MIA in your region. Please contact us for more information at or via phone on +44 (0)207 100 7370. 


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